Center of Excellence for Circular Economy and Climate Change

Our mission:

Promoting the uptake of sustainable waste management and circular economy practices that integrate the need for climate action that include mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for a changing climate through adaptive measure.

Introduction of circular economy

is necessity for the regions of South East Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. It is in line with tendencies in developed countries, especially in EU.


Organisation of workshops, webinars, video series, presentations, studies, best practice exchange related to landfilling, landfill gas, biowaste treatment, waste separation, waste composition, composting, etc..

Consulting services

Assistance with preparation of City profiles and Data Collection Tools; GHG baseline development, development of Action plans, Work plans, Feasibility studies...

Information, data and waste sector analysis

Reports detailing status of sector in the region and in specific markets (recycling, biowaste, landfilling) Briefs on status of regulatory enforcement


Towards a wasteless future or a wasteful planet?

The Center of Excellence for Circular Economy and Climate Change for Latin America and the Caribbean (CECC LAC) is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the book “Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy – Towards a wasteless future or a wasteful planet?”, whose authors are Antonis Mavropoulos and Anders Waage Nilsen, to be held next June 17, 2021.

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Our team

Center of Excellence

Prof. Dr. Goran Vujić

Dušan Milovanović

Bojana Tot

Doc. Dr. Bojan Batinić

Miodrag Živančev

Aleksandra Narevski

Boško Lazić

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