How to stop landfill fires: A landfill management manual

Experts from the Center of Excellence for Circular Economy and Climate Change from Novi Sad (CECC) together with colleagues from the International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA) and the Solid Waste Management Association of Serbia (SeSWA) translated a manual containing modern principles of landfill management.

Data from the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) show that there are more than 2,300 illegal landfills in Serbia, while there are only 11 sanitary landfills that meet all the conditions for waste disposal.

This summer, at least six unsanitary landfills in Serbia were on fire, releasing toxic substances into the air.

The authors of the manual “Guidelines for the operational work of landfills” point out that the conversion of unsanitary landfills into sanitary ones is the key to improving environmental protection.

Manual is intended for managers of the landfill, the city authorities and planners, and is an integral part of literature for students of the Department of Environmental Engineering.

This document provides modern tools for the transition from unregulated and unsanitary waste dumps to the operational work of sanitary landfills.

By registering at the CECC e-mail [email protected], all those interested can receive a free copy of the manual.